Summerville is best known for two things, sweet tea and southern hospitality. So much so that this town is considered the birth place of both.  Surrounded by azaleas and towering pine trees, Summerville is steeped in rich history and tradition while working its way towards a promising economic future.  A tasteful blend of past and present, this is idyllic town is waiting for you to make a name for yourself here. 

While in Summerville...

This pleasant town is home to world-class sports venues, a lively town square and dining options edging in on one hundred. Be sure to visit Azalea Park and Sculpture Garden for walking trails, unique sculptures and beautiful gazebos on one of the many sunny days residents and visitors enjoy. Feel free to unwind with a stroll around the historic downtown area or a day at the spa and take in all the charm this small town has to offer, with a southern sweet tea in hand, of course.

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