James Island

James Island, affectionately referred to as "Jim Isle" by the locals, is an alluring town only a short five-minute drive from downtown Charleston. Originally rural farmland, James Island is mainly a residential community now complete with beautiful waterfront views, oak trees, and small town charm. New restaurants, shops and entertainment venues are being developed in trendy neighborhoods around the area, making James Island a destination everyone needs to put on their list.

Around town...

James Island knows how to keep you entertained. You can find yourself spending all day at James County Island Park saltwater fishing and crabbing, playing a pick-up game of sand volleyball, enjoying a barbeque with friends or spending a quiet weekend at the campgrounds. For some South Carolina history, make sure to stop by the McLeod Plantation. This well preserved plantation was established in 1851 and considered an important Gullah heritage site. As James Island is in fact an island, it goes without saying that carving out time to relax on the beach is a must.


Luxury Homes on James Island